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Welcome to Pawstruck Pet Nutrition!

We are an independent, locally owned store specializing in super-premium food for cats and dogs. We want to help you help your pets by providing insightful information and healthy options.  Our information-based approach ensures you have the tools you need to make the best decision for your pet’s health.

At Pawstruck your pet’s health is important to us. As pet parents, we understand you are looking for the best for your pets, though sometimes it is difficult to know what that is. That is why it is our goal to help you find healthy, quality food, treats and toys for your cats and dogs.

Just like with humans, the health of cats and dogs depends on the quality of their diet. However, when so many pet foods are marketed as healthy, it is hard to know which actually are.

At Pawstruck Pet Nutrition, each brand of food is carefully selected for its nutritional value. We do not carry a discount or value line, nor do we have a lower cost “house brand”. We simple sell highly nutritional pet food made by some of the top names in the healthy pet food industry.

Drop by the store to check out our selection of treats, toys, accessories and foods, including kibble and raw.

Make sure to visit our Facebook page at where we post info on new products.

See you soon!

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